Bralettes for Big Busts

Bralettes for Big Busts, Bralettes for Large Busts

Gaining weight has it’s perks, like having my 32DDD (aka 32F) bust back again. Unfortunately, once my period hits, regular bras become way too tight. The popularity of the bralette has been echoed by bloggers, shoppers and even retail analysts on CNBC. Bralettes may seem like an easy solution for large-busted ladies on the rag, but the bralette look and fit is often created to accommodate smaller busts.

Here’s my full-busted bralette guide in which I highlight some of my favorites:

Aerie Racerback Boho Bralette – Burgundy

Aerie Racerback Boho Bralette - Burgundy

Side note: I never visit Aerie since they barely carry bras over a D-cup, but the scenic SoHo pop-up location (which took over the now defunct C Wonder) was a shopping lifestyle wonderland that begged me to enter. See photos here.

The Beauty: This basketweave boho texture resembles luxury lingerie brand Aubade’s Bahia line which is quadruple the price, and sidenote, was featured in one of the first lingerie ads I ever saw in a magazine!


Therefore, it has a special place in my heart! Plus the burgundy color looks gorgeous on my olive skin tone.

The Bitch: I bought this Aerie bralette in a large, and I still pop out every now and then. The burgundy is not available online – bad move, it would sell like hotcakes!

On sale for $15

Aerie High Neck Bralette – Pink

Aerie Lace Hi-Neck Bralette - Ballet Pink

The Beauty: The bralette’s saccharine pink and hi-neck creates a vintage feel that I couldn’t resist. I have also received compliments that it makes me appear “statuesque.”

The Bitch: This Aerie bralette does not tie open or close, so you have to stretch the neck band over your head which created a physical difficulty getting the bralette on. Also not available online. Omnichannel marketing people!

On sale for $17

Gilligan & O’Malley Lace Y-Back Bralette


The Beauty: The forest green is another common Victoria’s Secret/general lingerie color that’s used and matched frequently.

The Bitch: The back bunches up to the elastic and looks strange.

On sale for $15

Platinum Lingerie High Neck Bralette – Blue

The Beauty:  One of my firsts and faves, the platinum lingerie bralette has a great elastic band, distributes boob weight evenly, looks kinda sexy and because of the high neckline, can add a layering element to clothing. The blue resembles the same hue of Victoria’s Secret undies, making it easy to match with undies you already have.

The Bitch: Scarcity: I found this platinum lingerie bralette only at Century 21 at the financial district, but am unable to find it online.

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