Outraged about NARS Animal Testing Policy? Here are Other Non-Cruelty-Free Brands to Boycott

NARS recently posted a statement on Instagram about its decision to sell in China, where animal testing is required by law. This debacle has consumers touting they will boycott NARS, which makes me think how many of the same people know if their beloved cosmetics companies test on animals, or worse, own cruelty-free brands who are known as “independent.” Here’s a short list of consumer brands who are pulling the wool over your eyes.

Non-Cruelty-Free Brands to Boycott – Test on Animals


This band-aid is going to seriously hurt coming off guys, but since Sephora products are sold in China, they technically do test on animals. Not only that, but Kat Von D is owned by Sephora so all profits support Sephora. To add insult to injury, all products you buy at Sephora will benefit Sephora (duh) and contribute to animal testing. Would you give up Sephora?

The Body Shop

This one gets under my skin because they are currently running a ridiculous campaign to “ban animal testing” by promoting petitions and wearing fuzzy bunny ears in the stores to attract attention to the issue all the while they are owned by L’OREAL (below). It IS positive in that this raises awareness, but could and probably will backfire. The height of hypocrisy.

L’OREAL & Estee Lauder

L’Oreal was on top of my shit list for a while and I favored Estée Lauder for her inspiring rise to success story. Now I realize that both are serious offenders because these multi-billion corporations just own so many brands, it’s hard to find alternatives. The one semi-decent thing L’Oreal has done is set up a lab in China to test on human skin cells instead. While we don’t know the percentage and how far this extends, it is something. Estée Lauder on the other hand, makes the pathetic statementIf a regulatory body demands it for its safety or regulatory assessment, an exception can be made.

Cruelty-Free Makeup: Other Resources

*I would personally consult several of these resources and even conduct your own research as things change with time and pressure from supporters of animal rights, perhaps like you!

One thought on “Outraged about NARS Animal Testing Policy? Here are Other Non-Cruelty-Free Brands to Boycott

  1. More Than Greens

    Great post! However, The Body Shop itself is cruelty-free as their products are not tested on animals nor sold in China. I do appreciate the issue with parent companies but think their new campaign may be in line with the forthcoming sale of the brand by L’Oreal to cruelty-free company Natura Cosméticos. Yay!

    Sarah xx


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