The ONLY Reason You Shouldn’t Do Your Makeup on the Subway

Doing Your Makeup on the Subway, Subway Makeup Tips

Last year around this time, I published my tips for doing your makeup on the subway in which I reviled the thought of ANYONE condemning my subway makeup lifestyle.

Then This Happened.

Refinery29 put out an article that basically says people who do their makeup on the subway are literally putting shit on their face, or as they more eloquently put it;

“…[The] foundation brush had near-dangerous levels of yeast, mold, and aerobic bacteria. But even scarier? It also had a splash of coliform — yep, the fecal one — which shouldn’t be present at all.

“…With these very high levels, there’s no way you can avoid throwing off the balance of your skin, and your skin could become sensitive and dry, leading to breakouts, redness, and blotchy skin.

“And the issue gets worse depending on the kind of makeup you use. Patricia’s foundation was waterless, meaning it likely didn’t add to bacteria growth. But, “if she had used a water-heavy foundation, it would’ve picked up much more,” Wilson says.”

Looks like I’ll be waking up waaaaay earlier nowadays :/

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