Make a Winter Outfit Less Boring With a Summer Print

It’s mid-winter and sweater weather has become mundane. We dote on the return of steamy summer when the only layering is of SPF and satin lip gloss. While magazines suggest adding jewelry to liven up an outfit, I look to summer’s mixed prints for not only inspiration, but hope for a warmer tomorrow!

*All photos self-shot

Look 1



BB Tip: Odds are you have a summer print in your closet, so consider adding a marled sweater to your collection. Marled fabrics are made by combining strands of 2 different colors and are literally sold by every brand you can imagine.



  • Express White Bootcut Jeans
  • Nickels Faux Leather Boot Marlon
  • AB Studio Marled Sweater
  • Violet and Claire Kimono Wrap Top
  • 14K Plated Green Agate Earrings from Brooklyn BK Bazaar

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