Robb Report x Saks: Livin La Dolce Vita

ROBB REPORT La Dolce Vita at Saks Fifth Avenue-Main

In the latest Robb Report, the luxury editorial brings its readers the magic of Italy.

This is the first time that Robb Report has ever devoted an entire issue to the culture of one particular country,” says Brett Anderson, editor in chief. “When we considered our sophisticated and worldly readership and their ongoing quest for the best of the best, we immediately associated that ‘live life to the fullest’ mentality with the Italian zest for living la dolce vita! We know our readers and partners will truly enjoy this Italian takeover of Robb Report, which in essence is an international celebration of art, life, and style.

ROBB REPORT La Dolce Vita at Saks Fifth Avenue-Band

To introduce the latest issue, Robb Report partnered with Saks to transform their 5th floor men’s department into a Mecca for all things Italian. Amidst Italian fashion heavyweight designers such as Giorgio Armani and Ermenegildo Zegna were stations dedicated to cuisine, wines and fragrances to transport you from the dregs of NYC to the picturesque Italy.
The Robb Report and Saks staff were extremely accommodating and unpretentious, but I can’t say the same for the usual snobby model-cum-actor-waiters Saks hires.
ROBB REPORT La Dolce Vita at Saks Fifth Avenue-Goodies
Beyond that hiccup, Saks and Robb Report created an immersive experience complete with live band, copious amounts of alcohol, and Italian favorites from chic restaurants, such as risotto from Le Cirque.

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