Say It Ain’t Snow!

Cole-Haan-Air-Michelle-BootsI will admit, I hated these Cole Haan Air Michelle Boots when I first bought them. They were a size too big and the heavy, steep heel was an uncomfortable burden to carry. But when you have a wide foot that spans sizes 10 to 11 and everything in between depending on the brand, there is always room for compromise.

I found the boots years ago while on the hunt ‎for the perfect Ugg alternatives and know that Cole Haan creates quality shoes for big-foot Amazons, such as myself. I fell for the waterproof suede, shearling lining, and stylish aesthetic which easily blends in with both Manhattanites and weekend snow bunnies.

I decided to take Tim Gunn’s advice and “make it work.” However, it wasn’t till I found these Dr. Scholls Cozy Cushion Insoles that I transformed the Cole Haan hunkers into go-to winter essentials.

Dr. Scholls Cozy Cushion Insoles

Not only did the linings add the necessary bulk to create a snug and stable fit, they also evened out the steep vamp to make walking, or in this case plowing through a mix of mushy and semi-hard snow, a breeze. Made of waterproof suede and shearling lining, these boots helped me conquer the 2016 snowpocalypse and the years these boots lasted me.


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