Trump Responsible for Lady Gaga’s Success!

Lady Gaga, Lady Gaga David LaChapelle
Lady Gaga By David LaChapelle

No, this is not an article from The Onion, but it is most likely a way to draw attention to the new season of Celebrity Apprentice.

In any case, no other than Donald Trump recently revealed the sole reason for Lady Gaga’s paramount success! We can all now rest assured that because Donald Trump “allowed” her to perform for the “Miss Universe Pageant,” the pariah is now able to preach her gospel of self-love, empower the LGBT community and further anti-bullying campaigns across the world. All extremely similar causes that come to mind when you think Donald Trump, right?

Perhaps Trump is unaware that the most active audience that Miss Universe engages include the vicarious moms, subjected daughters, and fans of “Toddlers and Tiaras”. But Gaga’s worldwide success has consistently been undermined – in the past by her former songwriter-partner-boyfriend, and now by Narcissus Trump. Riding off someone else’s fame is not a new concept, but it does allude to the “theory” of the male threatened by a woman’s success.

Thomas Jane, Thomas Jane Hung
Um...more please?

Another “not new” example of nonacceptance of women in power can be demonstrated by HBO. Recently they announced the suspension of “Hung”, and the renewal of “Enlightened”. While the first show is about women sexually asserting themselves through objectifying men, the second is focused on a self-destructive health and beauty executive. It looks like the network would rather highlight the struggles of a depressed woman than celebrate the sexual freedom of women, in addition to the sexual objectification of men. It could purely be ratings-based, though I know I would rather watch half-naked Thomas Jane than the projected emotional wreck of myself.

And perhaps there is need for a change. Fortune magazine’s article “A New Kind of Group Therapy” described new types of leaders they think will need to emerge to reorganize our broken business mentalities. Bill George says “…we must focus on EQ – emotional intelligence. EQ, unlike IQ, can be improved by working on self-control, social awareness, and relationship skills”

Hm, nurturing, team-playing, etc? Doesn’t that sound like qualities women possess?

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