5 Ways Rave is Making it Mainstream (again?)

Maybelline Color Tattoo Commercial

Maybelline Color Tattoo Commercial

WOAH, WOAH, WOAH! Did I just hear Insomnia by Faithless play on TV, and it’s 15 years after 1995?! The energizing song just played in Maybelline’s color tattoo commercial on E!, and during Keeping up with the Kardashians no less–how much more mainstream could you get? Splashes of wild colors were thrown all over, illuminated as if black lights hovered over Avalon’s dilapidated dance floor. Maybelline’s tattoo gimmick even reminds me of those stick-ons we used to trade in grade school. Guess they marketed correctly. The Maybelline color tattoo commercial also utilizes the trend below.



Ever since scoring my Rebecca Minkoff Black Cat MAB, I’ve been on a neon pink binge. Combining it with black is the safest bet–from workout clothes to sneakers that showcase the hues. A trip to Electric Zoo (the incredible Electronic Music Festival on Randall’s Island) or any event thumping the signature “unts, unts, unts” in the background will tell you that neon is alive and well. Find it at your local strip club supply store in such fashion essentials such as hooker fishnet stockings and tube tops-so in.

Madonna – MDNA

The queen of regurgitated 80’s culture, 8-bit graphic outfits, and music vids bonds with the queen of, well, 80’s pop. The name MDNA is a spin off the ever-present club drug MDMA — a pure form of ecstasy. Funny how Madonna (aka MDNA) chose M.I.A. over Lady Gaga. It must be all that blonde ambition getting in the way! The first single Gimme All your Luvin’ has the cheerleader anthem akin to Avril Lavigne’s “Girflfriend”.  But unlike the drug, I predict it will be blasting at neither superclubs nor underground Brooklyn warehouses.

Girls That Look Like Skrillex
A Girl That Looks Like Skrillex!

Girls Who Look Like Skrillex

Pioneering a mainstream form of Dubstep, Skrillex’ mohawk Sinead O’Connor mashup has inspired a hilarious blog. Whether intentional or not, the scensters do a good job of emulating Skrillex and his philosophy of nerd meets indie electro snob.

Tiesto Twitter HP

Tiesto Streams Live (and free)

Assuming a guy who makes a $20,000-$30,000 a gig doesn’t need the money is an understatement. Earlier this month DJ Tiesto generously performed live for free via Twitter. I didn’t stay up to watch him perform (who goes by Pacific Time these days, anyway? Pshh), but this gave newcomers the opportunity to bask in his “pushes button, points at crowd” routine. The only bone I have with world’s most famous DJ is that he hasn’t come out with a “new album” in a couple of years. And Kaleidoscope hardly counted as it was packed with collaborations including Calvin Harris, Tegan & Sara, and Nelly Furtado. Tiesto was always in the mainstream and this just proves he’ll be up and running as long as he can keep pushing and pointing.

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