Amy Winehouse

English clothing manufacturer Fred Perry has just released the collection he worked on with Amy Winehouse. The bereaved pop star’s “new” line may evoke her 60’s signature style, but here are the styles we wish Fred Perry would have incorporated into the collection – things that really come to mind when we think of Winehouse.

5 Styles Amy Winehouse Should Have Distributed

1. Syringe Print Shirt

A simple, yet bold statement, this charming print in an aqua hue evokes the overwhelming calm most likely associated with Heroin. Better than sharing an actual needle, a syringe print tee is a casual way to express your love of recreation drug use.

2. Failed Suicide Appliques

Nothing screams art and fashion like a botched attempt at self-destruction – plus, these fashion forward appliques will help you teach others the correct way to slice through a painful existence. Like the bindis and beauty marks were all the rage of in the 90s, failed suicide appliques would fit all sizes and go with any outfit!

3. Vomit-Encrusted Heels

Remember when the pop star drenched her silk dresses in vomit and then attempted to return them? Imagine having matching shoes! It’s like  would be like collecting the vomit that engulfs the floor after a three-day cocaine binge.

Nose “Powder” Compact
Nothing says heroin chic like a puff of white on your schnaz. The special power formula would be infused with “special” crystallized plant and chemical extracts that minimize the size of your nose, weight, heart rate, and stomach lining.

Buy the real collection here:

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