What Ever Happened to Hard Candy Cosmetics?

Hard Candy Cosmetics

When I was a little girl, struggling with my identity, I read about two sisters of Persian descent, like myself, who one day experimented with nail polish colors from the drug store. I imagined them spilling quarters of liquid onto paper and into empty bottles, mixing them like traditional artists creating one-of-a-kind paintings.

Then in college, I watched Ellen Page mentally fuck Patrick Wilson, a supposed child molester in a movie of the same name. To push the word association even further, Madonna’s much-anticipated album Hard Candy was released with Pharrell Williams collaborations at every track. It goes without saying that Hard Candy has gone through some really messed up metamorphosis in my brain. So imagine my reaction when I saw this display at Walmart!

Hard Candy Cosmetics

Yes I was in Walmart wandering the beauty isle, because not all of their products support crude capitalism…but that’s material for another blog post. In any case, the new Hard Candy display offers that famous sky-blue color that made Hard Candy a Sephora household name for $5 instead of $10. And not to mention another 260 other products ranging from foundation to eyeshadow. I think this transition is quite positive as the line remained cruelty-free a.k.a. they don’t test on animals. And since Hard Candy is now available on a Walmart scale, it’s more accessible for that many more people.

The ultimate test, however, is to see how the new line measures up to the old.

How curious are you to try the new Hard Candy line?

You Can Buy Hard Candy Cosmetics at Walmart or Walmart.com .

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