Kardashian Kollection Takes Sears

Kardashian Kollection For Sears
Kardashian Kollection For Sears

After conquering kontemporary klothing by teaming up with BEBE, the kweens of alliteration, the Kardashians, are now making it (even more) mainstream with a “kollection” in store at Sears — a fashion forerunner, to say the least.

While Bebe’s revenue stream is relatively alive and well, Sears has been struggling for years. According to Businessweek, “in August it reported its fourth quarterly loss in five quarters.” Meanwhile, Forbes magazine makes notable mentions of their merger with Kmart in 2005, followed by another declaration of bankruptcy just one year ago in 2010.

I believe their rebuilding started with a new commercial campaign dispatching the “Sears Blue Crew” to re-market their appliances. Now, the retailer has sprinkled some water from the fountain of youth to revitalize their junior clothing targets, using such tactics that coincide with the Abercrombie & Fitch push-up bra.

How many fashionistas will step foot in a Sears to look like Kim, much less Kourtney or Khloe? You’d be as surprised as I was — just take a chance and visit — you’ll see the shelves wiped clean, random leggings hanging from corners, and you may even find a style you want to buy.

Kardashians For Bebe
Kardashians For Bebe Runway Fall 2010

Speaking of the Kardashian’s previous collaboration with BEBE, this collection is chock full of replicas reminiscent of the structured jackets and curve-hugging dresses the Kardashians usually wear. And surprise — the price isn’t far off, even with the introductory 30% off.

So why would someone buy trendy clothes endorsed by celebs like the Kardashians at Sears? Simple — Sears’ massive presence in America gives the Kardashians the chance to fill the need the average teenager has for trendy boutiques, even if they live in barren middle-of-nowhere.

The response was so positive, Businessweek even cites that Sears is looking to license the Kardashian Kollection brand, diversifying Sears’ portfolio, especially in an area where it would benefit from an update. This would also help its stock as “Sears would receive a fee for use of its name on products.”

While there is still room for failure, there will always be a red carpet rolled out for a good ol’ fashioned American comeback.

Satisfy Your Kuriosity about the Kardashian Kollection

For Good Measure:
Kardashians for Bebe Fall 2010

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