B Brian Atwood Shoe Review, Premieres at Saks

B Brian Atwood Boots
B Brian Atwood Boots

Brian Atwood‘s main shoe collection plays it safe with a trio of platform heeled pumps in different colors. B Brian Atwood, however, digs into the successful elements of other designer shoes, such as Roberto Cavalli’s animal textures and prints (as pictured above), Manolo Blahnik’s steel stiletto heels, and Gucci’s cutout bodies.

B Brian Atwood Shoe
B Brian Atwood Falcon Leather Knee-High Buckle Boots

My absolute favorite B Brian Atwood shoe is the Falcon Leather Knee-High Buckle Boot, which looks like something model Karlie Kloss wore for Dior circa the Fall 2010 ad campaign — when John Galliano still had his sanity, or at least the sense to keep his mouth shut. This goes along with the notion that all of Brian Atwood’s new shoes in the collection borrow elements from other designer brands that make their shoes such great sellers. Thus, making his new line an instant hit.

B Brian Atwood Collection at Saks
B Brian Atwood Collection at Saks

B Brian Atwood shoes range between $275 – $995, but I noticed some shoes were made in Italy or had the stamp “Vero Cuio” (“Genuine Leather”), while other boots were simply “Made in China”. I don’t agree that the prices are justified but B Brian Atwood hits the contemporary market quite nicely – older women looking for something fresher as well as scavengers looking to pick at something below $200 when they go on sale. Either way, B Brian Atwood focuses on style rather than brand.  Although Brian Atwood has struck a cord with those in-the-know, he has yet to make it mainstream as aforementioned Manolo, Cavalli, or Gucci.

Manolo or Atwood?
Manolo or Atwood?
B Brian Atwood Shoes
A unique departure for B Brian Atwood - Pangea Pumps

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