Kim Kardashian Sells Out? Fragrance Now at Macy’s

Kim Kardashian Greets a Fan at Macy's
Kim Kardashian Greets a Fan at Macy's

Fragrance salespeople offered a piece of Kim Kardashian last night at Macy’s Herald Square. Standing at the top metal barricades holding back curious tourists, desperate fans, and the media who arrived late; they monotonously announced “Buy the Kim Kardashian Perfume, meet her and take a picture.” Although the pitch was weak and unenthusiastic, the crowd literally bought it. The $119 price of the Kim Kardashian bottle was greeted with a “psh” or two, and even a JAP (Jewish American Princess) who asked if she could return it the next day, in her aloof valley girl accent. Whether the rest were inspired by the idea, or wanted to tell her obviously loaded ass off, the Kardashian momentum never ceased.

Line to Meet Kim Kardashian at Macy's
Line to Meet Kim Kardashian at Macy's

The zoo began once a Kim Kardashian fan screeched wildly from beyond the metal bars. Like a primal call to war, people started pushing for a glimpse of Kardashian and opening their wallets almost instantaneously. Ever since the fragrance launched through Sephora this past February, these seem like natural reactions.

With the luxe beauty retailer carrying the Kim Kardashian name, the NY Post reported earlier this year that there would be a split. Yesterday’s launch at Macy’s is a  manifestation of this foreshadowing.

The Kim Kardashian Perfume itself is strong and makes a heavy statement. Described as a woody floral, Kim Kardashian fragrance highlights crisp top notes of indolic jasmine, tuberose and gardenia, tonka bean, jacaranda wood and sandalwood. The scent also evokes the power Kim Kardashian has over her fans, media, and now; the mass retail fragrance markets.

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