Stiletto: The Sophisticated Scent that Manifests Our Shoe Obsession

Stiletto by Nicole Amy
Photo Credit: Michael G. Mincey of Devon's Imaging

Behind Nicole Amy, one of her many guests posed in front of the step and repeat while touting a sultry studded Stiletto-shaped perfume bottle. Then seemingly out of nowhere, a musky aroma wafted around the room as the designer’s premiere fragrance fell from the palm of the guest’s hand, and heavy pieces of glass shattered onto the floor. Amy glanced at the spill, and coolly referred to the promotional table next to us; “One down!” She smirked. “We still have 3 more bottles left.”

Stiletto by Nicole Amy Fragrances is a deep feminine musk with notes of sandalwood and vanilla bean. The enduring scent is sexy and sweet without the overpowering reputation musks have. Amy herself is infused with confidence and entrepreneurial gusto. I assumed this was derived from the toughness associated with Amy having lived in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and New Jersey. Anyway her persistence has paid off as she managed to have her launch sponsored Fuze, Fujifilm and Gansevoort; the last of which held the event at their Park Avenue location.

Stiletto Fragrance Creator Nicole Amy
Stiletto Fragrance Creator Nicole Amy. Photo Credit: Michael G. Mincey, Devon's Imaging

In addition to the stiletto-pump design and luxurious velvet lined “shoebox” packaging, Nicole Amy’s Stiletto boasts a unique and very entrepreneurial creation story. While taking a class in entrepreneurship at Monmouth University, Amy heard of a fragrance created by a group of students and picked up where they left off. Amy cites her internship developing “Artisan” at John Varvatos as a major help, but also mentions her perfectionist nature and determination.

Stiletto's Launch Party at Hotel Gansevoort
Stiletto's Launch Party at Hotel Gansevoort

Celebrating the successful launch of Stiletto were a variety of attendees including: the brand’s PR front woman Erica Taylor of Susan Blond Agency, Famed New York Colorist and Owner of James Corbett Studio and Spa; James Corbett, Account Executive of the scent’s manufacturer Justin Spiro, as well as Actress/Photographer/Blogger of Hot New Entertainment Trends Anna Kuchma. The guests danced the night away to DJ Louie XIV.

Nicole Amy Fragrances - Stiletto
Nicole Amy Fragrances - Stiletto

Stilleto is sold online and select New York City Boutiques

To receive 20% off to celebrate this special fragrance launch, go to and enter the promo code, STILETTO2010. This exciting, special launch offer is valid now through December 15, 2010.

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