Style Adventures in Montclair New Jersey


This summer I visited a friend who traded in his asphyxiating NYC apartment in Washington Heights for a pre-war New England style apartment in the sleepy college town of Montclair, New Jersey.

The only thing I knew about Montclair before visiting was that it’s where fictional mob wife Carmella Soprano went to college. When I saw the enormous houses with tasteful quaint charm, I understood more about her character.

When it comes to dressing for an unknown area, you just have to take a risk. For me, that meant wearing something a bit more risqué, since I still hadn’t flaunted my size-12 summer body.

The Beauty: The college casual town was lined with restaurants, bars, and get this, BOOKSTORES! Oh, the antiquity. We went to a restaurant called “Mish Mish” which means apricot in Hebrew (my boyfriend got a kick out of that). The steak was amazing, the burrata outstanding, and to get to the bathroom, you have to walk by a shaman’s store.

The Bitch: Oh will you feel old if you go! Depending on the restaurant you’ll see so many freshmen parents you’ll wonder if they have an early bird special!


  • G by Guess Skirt
  • Sioni Shirt
  • Old Navy Flip Flops


Haircut from Milan Hair Studio in Rego Park


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