A Real Real Review of The Real Real

A Real Real Review of The Real Real_Fendi Peekaboo Bag

Check my Pinterest vision board of designer bags and you’ll find the Fendi Peekaboo Tote with the brand’s signature F patterning the fold. My luxury goods acquisition strategy has always been searching eBay only years after an object’s popularity has died down. Alas, after years of searching, the $1,200 bag was priced for nothing below $1,000. As my tastes changed, I posted a patent leather version of the Fendi Peekaboo Tote on a more recent Hayhouse vision board and let it be.

One day my coworker asked me to help him troll websites for men’s Louboutins. After perusing popular sale sites yielded less-than results, I ironically recalled The Real Real’s print billboard ad I routinely passed at the City Hall subway station. Searching for Louboutins on the Real Real was the first step we took before disappearing down the luxury consignment rabbit hole.

Plantar fasciitis stunted my shoe shopping escapades, weight fluctuation kept my apparel purchases at bay, but bags were fair game. And so I found my Fendi at the essential sale for $650 – FINAL SALE. I used a $25 first-time credit which covered some tax and the $11.95 shipping charge. That dream designer status bag was as good as mine for around $667.

When it arrived my coworkers huddled around me. I got giddy, and as I opened the box, this wave of warmth and disbelief hit me. It was gorgeous and best of all, it was MINE. Then I got to inspecting and found tiny flecks of rainbow glitter. No biggie, I thought, until upon further inspection I found the particles hiding betwixt more luxurious folds of Italian-crafted crinkled patent leather!

A Real Real Review of The Real Real_Fendi Peekaboo Bag_Glitter

I called the Real Real customer service line and told the agent of my vexation. Only while on the phone with customer service did I look at the product listing and noticed a faint sprinkle of rainbow sparkles unwantedly bedecking the bag. The customer service agent offered to take the final sale bag back or offer me a discount. While it was a no-brainer to keep the bag, I took a couple of days to sit on the decision. When I called the service line, I spoke to a different agent and didn’t have to rehash the details of my case. It was refreshing, professional, and put me at-ease.

The Beauty: The rabbit hole lead me to search and compare other online consignment sites. The Real Real is superior in terms of navigation, shopping filters, and presentation. The fact that I can actually find the most obscure piece I saw in Harper’s Bazaar in my teens is just incredible. The Real Real makes it possible to own your designer dreams.

The Bitch: Obviously the glitter on my bag was an unwelcomed surprise, but their impeccable service more than made up for it. When I sell my designer items on eBay I always make sure to zoom in on the defect, which immediately relieves you of responsibility – ‘I showed you this defect in detail, you can’t complain after you bought it’! Maybe that’s the solution.

One thought on “A Real Real Review of The Real Real

  1. Susanne hastily

    The one’s examining our beautiful 😻 designer clothes should have there eyes examined
    Unless it is perfect they don’t take it .
    I assume they are JEALOUS they will NEVER own it, can only look at it.
    How bloody sad.
    Oh, and after hanging on for one hour or more, as they must have one person answering phones, pre
    COVID , they Never call back.
    Better for charity, and tax deductions, far far to much much much hastle . 😡


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