Style: DIY or Otherwise

Hapers Bazaar Guide To Personal Style Book ReviewTo figure out how to integrate the new trends that are ushered into each fashion season, I turn to a gilded book that feels historic and classic: Harper’s Bazaar Fashion Guide to Personal Style. It lay on my desk through the month of April as I tried to make sense of mint and tribal patterns.┬áLast week, I grabbed another book given away at Coach’s party in SoHo titled I Spy DIY Style. It has a semi-soft cover, all white with quirky polka dots and stripes that I’ve never been able to stomach. It was a turn off to go from a glam gold cover to demure and minimalist white.I Spy Diy Style Book Review

I planned on gifting it, but with the popularity of style bloggers in massive proportions, I gave it a read. The first thing I noticed was the similar format of the two seemingly different books. Both had inspirational quotes interspersed between style columns. While Bazaar’s contributed quotes from more traditional sources such as powerhouse fashion designers, I Spy DIY’s style looked to commentary from tech savvy designers like Rebecca Minkoff and Rachel Roy and fellow bloggers of My Style Pill and What I Wore-a constant source of inspiration for the everyday woman and glamazon in training.

Initially they may seem to be touching on polar opposite points, the two actually work incredibly well when paired together. Bazaar instructs on the basics and staples for the fashion challenged from how many shirts to own to exemplifying the transition from day to night. DIY teaches how to take some ill-fitting or otherwise old and re-create it into something you’ll treasure and be proud of for years–or at least the next season.

The two information sources could prove the ultimate power couple if it weren’t for one┬ánegation. While Bazaar stands behind high-priced items, especially when it comes to high quality materials, DIY swears that you could get the exact look for less.

My only piece of advice is use both with moderation and use your ultimate judgement as your style bible. After all, these are supposed to be pieces of advice, not whole manuals.

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