Sulwhasoo’s Parent Company Amore Pacific Celebrates Loyal Clients

Amore Pacific

“What’s one product you recommend from Amore Pacific?” I asked the flawlessly faced woman next to me.

Raising her high cheekbones, she smiled, and without hesitation responded; “Well, from the Amore Pacific Time Response collection there’s the Eye Renewal Cream and Treatment Cleansing Foam. The Natural Protector which is a sunscreen SPF 30, and from Sulwhasoo I really love the Deep Cleansing Oil, Snowise Serum and, oh, there’s this other…”

In the midst of conversation one of the boutique workers walked up to us and greeted her with a hug and a kiss on each side. It was only shortly after that I realized that I just met one of Amore Pacific boutique’s best clients. The short and feisty salsa dancer I initially spoke with told me she even convinced her husband, in addition to her longtime college buddy, to try the Amore Pacific skincare line. Now they come into the SoHo boutique and Spa almost every week, for either a facial or to try more products. The trio is vegan and environmentally conscious, so it makes sense why they adhere to Amore Pacific like toner to epidermis.

Amore Pacific is the parent brand to Korean Skincare line Sulwhasoo, and one of the biggest cosmetics companies in Asia. I discovered Sulwhasoo at Bergdorf Goodman’s event and wrote a formal Sulwhasoo review covering a base of their products with great results.  Amore Pacific was promoting the Time Reversal line, which I will be ecstatic to try, since no one ever grows younger!

Amore Pacific Manager Jun (right) with Marja Vongerichten of The Kinchi Chronicles
Amore Pacific Manager Jun (right) with Marja Vongerichten (middle) of The Kinchi Chronicles

Amore Pacific hosted a customer appreciation party in their SoHo boutique offering fruits, sushi, meats and a wine / champagne bar. Amore Pacific also brought in Marja Vongerichten of the PBS series Kimchi Chronicles to sign copies of her book.

Marja Vongerichten, Author of The Kimchi Chronicles, hugs a devoted fan
Marja Vongerichten, Author of The Kimchi Chronicles, Hugs a Devoted Fan.

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