TrustoCorp Explores “Beauty” at Opera Art Gallery

TrustoCorp Opera Soho Gallery

TrustoCorp Opera Soho Gallery

Walking into the TrustoCorp art opening at Opera Gallery located in SoHo NYC, I was instantly enamored of their work. Plus, the artists’ pseudonym sounds so much like the mega-corporation “Conglomo” villainized on the 90’s Nickelodeon TV show, “Rocko’s Modern Life,” I already liked them on their name alone!

TrustoCorp Opera Gallery
TrustoCorp taking a swing at vintage beauty ads

The duo’s motto, “Highlighting the hilarity & hypocrisy of human behavior,” hits the beauty industry by covering tabloid magazines, as well as luxe brand messaging, in their Plutocracy (as seen below). Check out more photos in The L Magazine’s article.

TrustoCorp Soho Gallery

What are your thoughts on TrustoCorp’s messages?

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