Cocktails and Couture Beauty Recap

X-Rated Fusion Liqueur
X-Rated Fusion Liqueur Served at Cocktails & Couture

Beauty veteran and social media entrepreneur Lianne Farbes brought underground beauty brands to the light of bloggers and guests at an event called “Cocktails & Couture”. Held at Bo Concepts Studio in the middle of Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week, Cocktails & Couture reminds us that clothes aren’t the only things that deserve our attention — especially with the important role nail polish plays in 2011 runway shows. Check out some of the following highlights that let nails and skin take center stage for Fall 2011 fashion.


If Laura Brewster, the incredibly charismatic and helpful sales representative, didn’t catch your attention at the event, perhaps Immunocologie’s claim to shame iconic skincare brand, La Mer, will pique your interest. Laura explained, “If you look at La Mer, the second ingredient is mineral oil — that’s drugstore Aquafor, Vaseline. That’s why when you apply it, they tell you: break it up.” The textures in both creams are very similar but Immunocologie’s product has more of a sheen to it. Only time and usage will truly tell.

CND's Shellac Polish

CND + Shellac Nail Polish

Eternally searching for long-wearing nail polish, Shellac claims to last a full 14 days before another manicure is necessary. CND is the nail salon offering the manicures, and with a staff of three on board at Cocktails & Couture, the list filled up within the first hour, leaving some guests, including yours truly, sans chip-free nails.

The Nontoxique Skincare Treatment Routine at Work.


In addition to the Shellac manicure given out, this holistic skincare brand gave treatments using their all-natural products designed to work together to revive hands, feet and nails. After applying a foaming hand cleanser, almond butter-based herbal scrub, orange oil-infused serum, day cream and cuticle balm, my hands were soft as butter and had an elegant sheen. To get the full effect of the products, I recommend wearing some sort of glove or using the products before bed, as my first trip to the bathroom kind of soiled the experience.

FRS Healthy Energy Drink
FRS Healthy Energy Drink

FRS — Energy Drink

Since alcohol lowers your immune system, and New York Fashion Week loads you up with more champagne than Times Square on New Year’s Eve, FRS is here! Instead of chugging dehydrating coffee to rev you up for work with a hangover, try an FRS — the only healthy energy drink on the market. The only problem is that FRS, at least the Mango Orange flavor, tastes like crap. The concept sounds brilliant, but tread carefully.

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