Mick Rock & Lovecat Magazine Launch

Mick Rock at LoveCat Magazine Launch
Mick Rock at Lovecat Magazine Launch

Pristine models worked their mile-high heels, strutting across The Darby with its honeycomb-styled ceilings alongside tattoo-clad kids resembling modern rock stars. A fitting scene for legendary official rock star photographer Mick Rock as he mingled with current and past celebs for the magazine launch of a fresh newspaper-style “Fanzine”, Lovecat Magazine.

Mick Rock's Daughter Natalie and Dean Holtermann
Mick Rock's Daughter Natalie and Dean Holtermann

Mick Rock made the special appearance with his daughter Natalie Rock, who started attending such events as this from the tender age of 15. She was only one among the cherub-faced attendees enjoying JD-packed cocktails alongside former Calvin Klein model Jamie Burke and even Mick’s best friend, Dean Holtermann.

Magazine Launch - LoveCat
Magazine Launch - Lovecat

In preparation for the LoveCat Magazine Launch, Lovecat Magazine Editor-in-chiefs Prince Peter Chenova and Jacob Dekat¬†commissioned model Chanel Iman who has been the face of Express clothing as well as dozens of couture fashion houses. Together, they created a short video featuring the model clad in lingerie set to Jimi Hendrix’s foxy lady called, “Grown Men Cry.”

Mick Rock & Co
Mick Rock & Co

The first issue, entitled “The Summer of Sex,” features Paz de la Huerta on the cover and explains The Lovecat philosophy :

Lovecat Magazine
Lovecat Magazine

After reading countless fashion magazines, we honestly just became bored. We felt a dire need to create something that was missing. These uncensored visual tales are meant to take you back to the supermodel days, when beauty and femininity  ruled the world. We can think of no better way to represent the summer  of sex than with Paz de la Huerta and over 30 of the hottest models in the industry. Love, Collect, and Enjoy.

The magazine launch also honored Mick Rock by featuring his photos of iconic model Kate Moss – most of which the crowd had never seen before.

LoveCat Magazine Launch
Lovecat Magazine Launch

Gift bags included memorabilia from LeSportsac.

Jamie Burke - Calvin Klein Model on Right
Jamie Burke - Calvin Klein Model on Right
LoveCat Magazine Editor-in-chief Prince Peter Chenova
Lovecat Magazine Editor-in-chief Prince Peter Chenova
Lovecat Magazine Launch Attendees
Lovecat Magazine Launch Attendees!

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