Patricia Field Interview at MCM by Patricia Field Handbag Launch

Patricia Field Stylist
Patricia Field at MCM, The Plaza Hotel

Patricia Field, stylist, boutique owner, and fashion icon, recently collaborated with MCM on a new handbag line: MCM by Patricia Field bags. Entirely constructed of canvas, with the exception of leather handles and lining, Patricia Field brought her downtown version of Gwen Stefani’s harajuku girls to MCM Boutique at the Plaza where she explained her disdain for Vogue and how she manages to wear a graphic green Pucci puffer coat and still look edgy.

Patricia Field Bags for MCM
Patricia Field Bags for MCM

Why did you choose to collaborate with MCM?

In the 80s’, the Patricia Field Boutique favorite was the MCM bag. All the “ghetto kids” would go crazy for MCM because it was the most expensive… but I wouldn’t do a collaboration with some cheesy handbag brand; I want something that has significance. Designers work together because they have something in common, not just to sell something. Also, I hate to say it but, MCM bags are very heavy so when I teamed up with them, I made them light and easy to carry.

Patricia Fields Assistants at MCM
Patricia Field's Assistants at MCM

What do you think about the publishing industry?

Well, bloggers are the new journalists! Of course, I gotta have my paper books, but you know the one thing I hate about magazines is how bulky they are and then after a while, you don’t even know why you saved them. But I tell you one thing, I would never buy a Vogue magazine. Not only because it’s so heavy, but because… I like something that helps everyone, not only thinks of helping itself or selling. Harper’s Bazaar isn’t like that; it stays true to magazines.

Patricia Field Davide Callegati
Patricia Field's Friend Davide Callegati (Massimo from The Devil Wears Prada)

Being a “rebel”, how do you find working with such mainstream productions as “Sex and the City”?

I’m not a rebel, I’m an individual. I live a nice life and I’ve had nice things all my life. My favorite coat when I was ten years old was a Burberry!

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