GOOGLE Conquers Fashion – Launched

Google Fashion Site Launch
Google Fashion Site Launch

To Google, Fashion is just another market to revolutionize and add to their massive empire. The worst part is they know exactly how to do it. Yesterday, Google launched, a social, fashion, and retail site like no other, with a massive multi-themed party, appropriately named “High Tech Fuses with High Fashion.”

Google Fashion Models
Google Fashion Models

Each section of Skylight Soho was transformed into a themed space including an Arabian nights harem, a heavenly boudoir, graffiti wall, and even a park! Other elaborate decorations for Google’s fashion expo included live models, a trapeze artist, breakdancers, laser and tattoo artists.

Google's Fashion Tech Site Launch

Googles Fashion Site Launch

Google's Fashion Site Launch

“There’s got to be a better way to do this, fashion shows and everything,” an Editor of Paper Magazine said through the headphones of one of the many video displays.

Segueing into the new fashion age, Google’s creates a community where users, including retailers, celebrities, and even bloggers (yay!), can show off their favorite products. The displayed clothing, shoes, bags and whatnot of all prices are then linked back to retail sites. Users can also follow each other, creating a social spending scene that may very well help uplift the slumping retail sector.

Google Fashion Site LaunchGoogle Fashion Site LaunchGoogle Fashion Site Launch

Google Fashion Models
Google Fashion Models

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