Gucci Cruise 2011 Review

Gucci Cruise 2011 includes safe safari hues exemplified in urban shapes. Keeping the collection basic with very few unique embellishments is a wise way to play up the longevity of a Resort Collection, and to simplify the transition into another season.

Many of the 2011 Gucci Cruise Collection dresses “swallowed” the models, making look like the skinny little things they are. They don’t look too appealing on the Gucci models, but on a “normal” or otherwise curvy body type, these dresses would be bombshell-hot. Take for example the Gucci Dress in Saddlery Print below:

Gucci Dress Cruise 2011 Saddlery Print
Gucci Dress Cruise 2011 Saddlery Print

Couldn’t you see someone with a great hourglass figure like Katherine Heigl or Kim Kardashian rock this Gucci Dress? But instead, it looks one of these skinny things is playing dress-up with something from mommy’s closet.

Gucci Cruise 2011 even takes a hint from mainstream urban hits like the Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Bag. See Gucci’s Madison Boston Handbag compared to Rebecca Minkoff’s below:

Gucci Bag Cruise 2011 "Madison"
Gucci Bag Cruise 2011 "Madison"
Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Bag
Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Bag


See the full Gucci Resort 2011 Collection at WWD

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