“Alternative Apparel” for the Social & Environmentally Conscious

Alternative Apparel at Macy's
Alternative Apparel at Macy's


Alternative Apparel recently featured its easy worn-in clothing line sold at Macy’s Herald Square. The line has a vintage feel that borrows elements from hipster brand American Apparel. Both the material and shapes have a very cozy and traditionally American feeling. The twist, or alternative, is that the line offers an extensive eco-friendly and socially conscious policy.

For starters, their social responsibility policy vows not to utilize forced labor, child labor while respecting equitable compensation, and environmental protection. Alternative Apparel explains, “This translates into the use of recycled and organic materials, the use of low-impact dyes, energy conservation in manufacturing facilities, and various other specific actions.” They create their pieces from organic pesticide-free cotton and include “Eco-Heather, Eco-Fleece, Eco-French Terry and Eco-Vertigrain.” They even provide an Eco FAQ for easy answers.

Alternative Apparel Models at Macy's
Alternative Apparel Models at Macy's

An interesting concept they utilize in respecting human rights and such, they retain their manufacturing site in China. In short they state “China is a country with a history of human rights infringements and more recently, damaging environmental policy violations. However, our manufacturing in China is in full compliance with our fundamental Social Responsibility policies.”

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