Dior Fall 2010 Advertising Campaign

In the Dior Fall 2010 Advertising Campaign, model Karlie Kloss expresses duality and versatility.


Dior Fall 2010 Ad Campaign
Dior Fall 2010 Ad Campaign


In the first Dior Fall 2010 image, Dior’s dreamy purple hues on diaphanous fabric drape Karlie Kloss elegantly down to her laced knee-highs; whose color is a pale blue that almost seamlessly blends into her soft skin tone. She looks off into the distance, but her bold red lips don’t allow her to drift off into innocence. Her head rests against a pole that looks like a bedpost; this would make sense as she is in a dream-like state. The cold stone background makes it look like a dungeon from which Kloss is trying to escape through another world.

An open hand hiking up the feminine skirt shows vulnerability, while her tightly bound legs indicates a bit of prudence. The booties help transition the first Dior image to the next, as well as tie the two together.


Dior Fall 2010 Ad Campaign
Dior Fall 2010 Ad Campaign


In this next Dior image, we see a total transformation with the use of simple additions and alternate colors of identical items.

The Dior heavy, layered leather cape hides most of the diaphanous ruffles of the soft pink blouse that make up most of the soft femininity of the look. There is also practically no skin showing, aside from that which is covered by black stockings. This is done to minimize exposure and create protection with tough clothing. Therefore, she is no longer the naive dreamy and vulnerable Karlie in the last photo; rather a strong, bold aggressor.

Karlie’s body is aimed in the center, with her gaze and posture directly at the camera. As she looks upward and forward, her arms lead to claw-like hands; one of which grips a slouchy bag. The bag also has horizontal folds that could be a result of Karlie’s thrashing Dior claws. Her open legs show a demanding sexuality in contrast with the insecure and prude pairing in the opposite photo. This is also magnified by the corner which splits as do her legs.

The customer may realize that the same pieces recur in different photos, while the Dior booties depict a commonality to associate the two images and persona. Thus, the advertising campaign addresses multiple types of women and suggests value and investment in its pieces.

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