Gucci Fall 2010 Advertising Campaign

Gucci’s Fall 2010 Advertising Campaign presents a building conflict between wilderness and civilization.


Gucci Fall 2010 Advertising Campaign
Gucci Fall 2010 Advertising Campaign


Raquel Zimmermann’s hair is multi-colored and highlighted in thick “chunks.” Of the tan brown color scheme, gold is lightest; therefore the chain, logo and belt buckle shine against the background. The background is blue fading to aqua while the texture of the rocks conflicts with the Gucci fur coat.

Nikola Jovanovic’s facial expression is very hidden ; assuming a dark mysterious persona. Looking closely, the viewer notices that his gaze is averted from her directly.  The tailored and sleek look of his clothing is smooth, yet subtly powerful.

The theme or the scenario of the photo, photographed by Mert Al as and Marcus Piggott; is the contrast and introduction of nature and civilization. Since Raquel Zimmermann is wearing fur, it is safe to assume she is a “wild beast” or “creature.” Her pout also looks like she is howling like a lone wolf. Her hand is also very much like a claw and the texture of the bag is obviously an animal skin. This might be the prize or prey she caught as well as her sustenance. The parting of Zimmermann’s fingers also conveniently displays the Gucci logo while the shine of the jewelry combined with her hand’s lightness attracts the eye. The chain is also out of focus indicating movement, as if the bag was a recent catch. Her expression also indicates an air of pride because she is cocky of her catch.

Although slender, Nikola Jovanovic’s looming figure, which is omnipresent in the entire Gucci Fall 2010 Ad Campaign, stands in a position of the conquerer. He plays the role of explorer who has come upon something mythical and claims ownership, or at least attempts to. The sleek coat opens to reveal his proud chest and it resembles a cape reminiscent of British conquerors. It almost seems as if he is a voyeur, watching the wild animal revel in its natural habitat. He is deciding what strategy to take next…

Models: Raquel Zimmermann and Nikola Jovanovic
Photographers: Mert Al as and Marcus Piggott

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