Airam Nail Salon Review

Airam Nails Sucks - Photo Via Yelp

(Photo via Yelp)

I’m like Goldilocks when it comes to just about any type of salon. For my birthday last month, the three bears were played by the nail salons scattered around Kew Gardens, Queens. I dragged my mom and boyfriend along to scout the nail salon that was juuuuust right. Unfortunately, I unwittingly adopted Goldilocks’ poor judgment and everything, literally, went wrong.

I was always drawn to a convenient spot down the block called Airam nails. I blame the monochromatic interior. After circling the area for alternatives, I just couldn’t help choose it!

Despite my mother’s shrieking warnings, I persisted. As usual, Israeli moms are always right.

The Beauty: In all honesty, the woman who did my manicure and pedicure did a great job. My manicure lasted a couple of weeks and my pedicure lasted longer.

The Bitch: My mom’s manicurist was simultaneously chatting with her sidekick who sat at the front of the store while carelessly filing away at my mom’s nails. My mom assertively pointed out what she wanted fixed. She dismissive nodded and continued to giggle and talk shit to said sidekick. Fine. When it came time to my mom’s pedicure this bitch flat our REFUSED and just walked out of the salon to 7/11 across the street. My mom was livid, so I turned to my manicurist and politely asked her to do my mom’s pedicure, but she too refused, this time giving the biggest crock-of-shit excuse that she “has an appointment” – the place was empty…Well, friends, that’s why the place has a 2-star Yelp rating and the owner has to beg people to get them to come back, offering any sellout free services if they re-reviewed the place. My mom ain’t fallin’ for that shit – check her review here LOL.